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Do you have overgrown trees and brush that need to be cleared away? Trying to get rid of even small trees yourself could take weeks of hard labor. Trust local professionals to get it done right. Contact Dirt Pro LLC for land clearing services in Cooperstown, Mayville, ND and surrounding areas.

Whether you're a farmer in need of shelterbelt clearing or a contractor hoping to start new construction, we're the go-to source for land clearing services. Call 701-789-1298 today to learn more about our affordable rates.

Trust a professional with shelterbelt clearing

While shelterbelts are a necessary part of farming in North Dakota's windy weather, they can often get in the way of new construction or land adjustments. Hire a professional for shelterbelt clearing to:

  • Properly stake out the construction site
  • Ensure no irrigation, sewer or septic lines are damaged
  • Remove trees and brush using powerful equipment
  • Completely clear land using controlled burning
Don't risk costly and dangerous mistakes trying to clear land alone. Speak with us today for a free estimate on land clearing services in Cooperstown & Mayville, ND.

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